Log Cabin
Factory since 2005

4 ha wood factory infrastructure
12 000 sq. m enclosed workspace

Log Cabin

Occupy 4 ha wood factory infrastructure of which 
12 000 sq. m. enclosed workspace.

We are developing Log Cabin Factory

Founded in 2005, we have been successfully implementing thousands of projects for almost 15 years now. We are located in Lithuania, Europe, where we operate an independent factory infrastructure, covering 4 ha territory – 12 000 square meter area is dedicated to enclosed workspace. Due to our vast experience in the market, we are not only trusted by companies locally, but also have developed successful partnerships throughout the entire continent and worldwide.

Why dealers choose us?
Warranty and support
Custom solutions
Buing from first hands

We guarantee
that there are no finger joints used for any length of timber, eatch wooden parts are one solid piece. Our production is realized though the extensive reseller network mostly in Europe. The main markets include: France, England, Italy, Spain and others. It couldn’t be better than buying from first hands!!! To realize the client’s wishes and needs we offer our standard or bespoke (individual) log cabins.