Our Technological Process

During almost 15 years in the business, we have developed an advanced technological process, enabling us to achieve impeccable results each time. Everything in our assortment is being manufactured in-house, therefore, we can fully guarantee the exceptional quality of the raw materials used in the production process, as well as the superb design of the final product.

In our independent factory facility, we use only top-grade machinery and equipment, which allows us to achieve utmost precision, quality and accuracy, as well as ensure the highest attention to detail each time. We truly believe that the main reason for our company’s success arises from the talented group of individuals, working together as a team. Our skilful teamwork allows us to offer the most exquisite wooden building solutions for our highly selective clientele.

Our quality management system is based on a clear flow path defining our work processes. We have developed an efficient and reliable quality assurance system – workflow cycle, enabling our team to efficiently work hand-in-hand up to the point of successfully achieving the final result. We continuously invest in our production and design facilities and aim to constantly improve our workflow, in order to make sure that we always meet the growing expectations of our customers.

Interlocking Double Tongue and Groove System

All our log houses are made with a highly efficient interlocking double tongue and groove system – each individual element of the cabin has a slot, called groove, as well as a thin ridge, called tongue. When assembled, two parts form a strong bond, which ensures that all parts stay locked together, therefore, this method is simply perfect for keeping wooden constructions strongly interconnected.

Profiled interlocking beams make the assembling process of the cabins quick, easy and requiring minimum effort and equipment. This time-tested system provides superior strength and stability of the overall structure, ensures longevity of the construction, prevents the airflow through the junctions and makes sure that the building stays intact for many years to come.

Our products are manufactured using high quality, slowly grown, kiln-dried Nordic spruce. Wall thickness of your log cabin may vary depending on your individual needs. All cabins are available in 44mm and 70mm wall thickness. Also, twinskin wall thickness of 140mm and 190mm is available, allowing to insulate the cabin in the internal wall area and make it a perfect place to live in all year round.


Our log cabin manufacturing process always ends with an extremely important step of quality assurance. Our qualified and highly skilled team members inspect each and every item produced, making sure that nothing slips through their eyes. We carefully look through the components, evaluating all the finished elements, making sure that everything is the way it should be – from the accurate size and shape, to the precision of the design. Then, once more, everything is inspected again, safely packed and prepared for shipping.

Our main goal is to make the process of assembling the cabins as easy as possible for the builder or homeowner. No specific experience is required in order to successfully construct the products. Each set of cabin parts comes with a Log Cabin Factory NIDA home kit – detailed instructions with technical descriptions, drawings and diagrams. Every part has a unique serial number that is represented in the user-friendly assembly instruction plan together with an informative description in each step.

The numbering system works great for quick communication, when it comes to describing the problem or issue to our technical personnel. Whenever you feel the need to consult about the assembling of the product, feel free to contact us, and we will provide all the necessary support.

Assembly Kit

Your Log Cabin Factory Nida purchase will be securely packed and delivered as a complete self-assemble kit. For the assembling, you will only require a few simple tools, which are not included in the kit. However, we got you covered with everything else you might need – you will receive all the necessary pre-made parts and detailed drawings and instructions for assembling the item.

The shipment of your purchased item might come in one box or will be divided into several packages – it depends on the size and type of your selected model. For maximum security, in order to protect the surface and construction of the item, all elements of the cabin are individually wrapped. We suggest unwrapping the parts only at the moment of assembling. If you are not planning to start constructing the cabin as soon as it is delivered to you, we strongly advise storing it in a dry place, away from direct sunlight.