About us

NIDA Log Cabin Factory is your trusted wholesale partner for manufacturing well designed and precisely made wooden buildings. We produce classic log cabins, summer and holiday houses, garden studios, wooden garages and other types of buildings made from the highest quality slow grown Nordic spruce timber. We develop, engineer and manufacture a huge variety of standard projects as well as offer bespoke design solutions to fully meet our clients’ needs.

Founded in 2005, we have been successfully implementing thousands of projects for almost 15 years now. We are located in Lithuania, Europe, where we operate an independent factory infrastructure, covering 4 ha territory – 12 000 square meter area is dedicated to enclosed workspace. Due to our vast experience in the market, we are not only trusted by companies locally, but also have developed successful partnerships throughout the entire continent and worldwide.

Our mission is to combine traditional building methods together with advanced technologies, by creating durable, long-lasting, aesthetically pleasing and comfortable wooden building solutions for future generations to live in.

Our main goal is to provide impeccable service for our clients, enabling them to find exactly what they need, in the shortest period of time. Currently, we are working exclusively in the b2b sector – as a wholesale provider – although, we are planning to start cooperating with individual clients soon.

Our friendly and dedicated team is always there for you to meet all your questions and needs. Let’s get in touch!

Why Choose Us?

  • Warranty and Support
  • Quality and Precision
  • Custom Solutions
  • Quick and Efficient
  • First Hand Purchase

Our Technological Process

During almost 15 years in the business, we have developed an advanced technological process, enabling us to achieve impeccable results each time. Everything in our assortment is being manufactured in-house, therefore, we can fully guarantee exceptional quality of the final product.

In our independent factory facility, we use only top grade machinery and equipment, which allows us to achieve utmost precision and ensure the highest attention to detail. We truly believe that the main reason for our company’s success arises from the talented group of individuals, working together as a team. Our skilful teamwork allows us to offer the most exquisite wooden building solutions for our highly selective clientele.

Our quality management system is based on a clear flow path defining our work processes. We have developed an efficient and reliable quality assurance system – workflow cycle, enabling our team to efficiently work hand-in-hand up to the point of successfully achieving the final result.