Nida 2 6x3

Product code: N 02 060 030

NIDA 2 is a classic log cabin project, offering lots of inside space and convenient layout design. Various size modifications of the cabin are available: from 10 to 32 sq. m. of the floor area. A beautiful medium pitched roof adds a nice architectural touch to the overall cabin design. Two little windows on separate sides of the building ensure cosy natural lighting throughout the entire daytime.


Nida 2

Product Code

N 02 060 030

Size (m) 6x3
Wall thickness ( mm) 44mm

Front overhang (mm)


Wall height (mm)


Ridge height (mm)


Degrees Roof slope ( °) 14

Floor area (m2)


Roof area (m2)


Doors 1xP3
Windows 2xW1
Package size (m)/Weight (kg)

6 x 1.2 x 0.8m /1800 kg

No finger joint
Eco certification
Fast delivery